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There is nothing more empowering than running your own business.

It has driven my career from the start. Yes there are challenges but the freedom that it affords you can never be underestimated. The freedom of opportunity is yours to take; being in charge of your own destiny is simply liberating.

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It provides sound common sense advice based on personal experience

- Manzoor Ishani

The words of a "true self starter"

- Ray Newton

It certainly works for us!

- Maurice Ede

There is some advice on how to adapt your business model to run a franchise.

- Margaret Buj

Beatrice is a great inspiration to women in business with a passion to motivate and lead.

- Deena Amin

What you'll learn

Discover the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur
In just about every industry sector, we see women rising to the challenge. What are you prepared to do in order to be successful? Here are some lessons every entrepreneur or small business owner needs to learn.
Develop your entrepreneurial skills and start a business that just works
The barriers to starting a business are breaking down; but it takes commitment, drive and know-how to turn a great idea into a profitable venture. Learn about some key skills you need early on when it comes to honing your entrepreneurial spirit.
Learn about the traits needed for success
The best way to build the path to becoming an entrepreneur is to actually learn from one. Explore the resources that you can use to develop the attributes needed to achieve, and unlock your potential.
A small business masterclass

Ensure that you have a clear and unique value proposition and product and market fit; evaluate your marketing channels and campaigns to make sure they are in line with your overall strategy.

The e-book will help you to:

  • Maximise your potential
  • Accept failure and move on
  • Develop business skills
  • Set your sights on the right goals
  • Be up and running with your business sooner
  • Realise your dream!


Manzoor Ishani
Senior Consultant Solicitor, with Sherrards, specialising in business format franchising

We have often seen successful entrepreneurs attribute their success, in part anyway, to the influence and advice of their mentors; but how is a budding entrepreneur starting a business to find a suitable mentor? Not everyone is well connected or knows how to gain access to a suitable mentor. This 2B Interface e-book satisfies that need. It provides sound common sense advice based on personal experience. Newcomers to business could do a lot worse that read this e-book.

Peter Landau
Professional Business Adviser, Mentor, Consultant

This is an inspirational book written to educate and inform everyone. Beatrice generously shares her knowledge and experience from which everybody can benefit. If you are interested in business I recommend you read it.

Ray Newton
Adviser to the Chairman Edwardian Group London

The words of a "true self starter". It is good that the book highlights the importance of "people" as probably the most important resource of any successful business but I would not subscribe in its entirety to the Author's "glass ceiling" theory regarding the prospects for Women rising to the top in business.

Maurice Ede
Director, Network 4M Limited, Accounting and management information services

As an employer of mainly women, I as the token man, fully support Liberty's comments about Breaking through the glass ceiling. It certainly works for us.

Deena Amin
Deputy VCGM, The Royal Horseguards and One Whitehall Place

Beatrice is a great inspiration to women in business with a passion to motivate and lead.

Margaret Buj
Recruiter and Interview Coach www.Interview-Coach.co.uk

This is a great little e-book written by a successful female entrepreneur with business advice gained while creating and running a recruitment business from scratch. It also talks about the most cost-effective way to source staff - something any SME should find beneficial. Finally, there is some advice on how to adapt your business model to run a franchise, if this is something you're interested in.

Richard Merrin
Managing Director, Spreckley

Beatrice is an inspiration to anyone who has, or dreams of running their own business – not because she is female, but because she is an astute and shrewd professional with a keen eye for growth. Beatrice's hard-won success is evident in this book – it is an essential read for any new business owner or aspiring entrepreneur.

About The Author

Beatrice Bartlay founded 2B Interface, a temporary and permanent staffing agency, in 2005 and has since been serving the UK recruitment sector with specialised services.

With over 10 years' experience in the recruitment industry, Beatrice has extensive knowledge of the sector, specifically the manufacturing, joinery, metalwork & shopfitting and secretarial/PA recruitment sectors, in which her company specialises.

As a determined entrepreneur, Beatrice has succeeded in developing 2B Interface into an award-winning company with a current turnover of over £4m and three UK offices, launching a franchise in 2013. Beatrice is an active member of the Docklands Business Club and is on the judging panel of their prestigious annual awards.

Prior to founding 2B Interface, Beatrice ran her own events and PR company, B&G PR. Alongside her background in psychology and marketing, her wealth of experience in business management through establishing two businesses, provides a solid foundation for understanding the challenges affecting UK small and medium sized businesses today.

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If you're a budding entrepreneur you MUST read this e-book.

Potential is possibility. The more choices and possibilities you have before you, the more potential you have. Discover your choices now.

Starting a business is a big decision, and needs careful research and planning well before you start trading. This e-book not only reveals the actual experience of entrepreneurship from someone who has experienced it all, but it provides readers with a set of universal entrepreneurial skills and tools they can use to build a business from scratch.

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